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FRANKIE Jade Roller


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“The Chinese skin-care tool that will cool, tighten, and depuff your face in seconds.”


FRANKIE's Jade Roller has a natural greenish-yellow hue that ranges from shades of Pear, Pistachio, Mint and Lime. This dual-ended roller features a heavier and rounded larger stone for a firmer roll into the muscular tissues to better define cheekbones and jawlines. The larger stone size also retains coolness better for a soothing rolling massage of the cheeks, forehead and neck while the smaller roller is best used for the undereye, brow bones and nose.

Use along with FRANKIE Face Oils to experience a luxurious facial spa. This imperial beauty secret of jade stone massage will:

  • stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • reduce puffiness and dark undereye circles
  • tighten pores and improve skin elasticity
  • diminish wrinkles and give the skin a healthy glow
  • aid in product penetration for skincare efficacy

#PROTIP: The stone is naturally cool at room temperature, place Jade Roller in the fridge for an extra chilly pop!

Made from natural Xiuyan Jade stone. Each Jade Roller will be unique and vary slightly in colour and size. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone skin.

* Includes an instruction card, cleaning cloth and a felt pouch.


To clean your Jade/Quartz Roller, wipe with a soft cloth after use and occasionally wash with plain soapy water and a soft cloth. Be sure to rinse well to remove soapy residue. When cleaning, do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaners and avoid the use of ultrasonic cleaners and steamers. To avoid scratches and fractures, it is best to always wrap your rollers in a soft cloth or store inside its protective pouch.

* Natural stone crystals are fragile and may crack or break if dropped, banged or exposed to extremes of hot and cold.